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So um... I've been thinking a bit, and even though things completely suck right now, I simply cannot say "Fuck Mindcrime" just yet. Why? Because I made a commitment to do this project, not only to the other people who agreed to participate in it, but to Mullins as well. Remember, I wanted to do this initially for a school project. This is something I want to explore once I get out of high school, and having this movie under my belt would be perfect. So I guess I'm saying that this project will procede as planned. Hopefully Leesam and I can work something out for when he returns if he's still interested in doing it.

However, that still leaves the issue of Nikki... Yeah, Powas, quite frankly we do need you for this [although I am in no hurry to admit that...] You are the only one who knows the fucking album forwards and backwards and I am willing to swallow my pride and work on a professional level to get this done. [Why am I even posting this to him? I don't even think he has it on his Friends list, so how will he read it? Leesam? Terri? Inform him, please?]

Yeah... Why do I still have the feeling that this won't get done, even though this is actually something that I really need to get done. I guess we'll know who's committed and who's not.

The Director
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ill try, but i dunno how much ill see him. ya know, hiding away in the basement and all...