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|| revolution calling ||

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+/Please Note:\+
This is not just a "OMG I <3 QUEENSRYCHE!!!!@~" community. This is a vision a group of artists from Mass. have and intend to live out. So please, don't bombard this community with pointless blurbs of fandom. Thanks.

+/Director’s Notes:\+
It all started one day when a friend made the dire mistake of playing a certain CD for me: Operation Mindcrime by Queensryche – and things just took off from there. It was a raw and consuming feeling that begged to be fueled, and like the accelerant I am, I tossed in a metaphorical can of lighter fluid and out came the idea for a movie. I have decided that this movie will be my adolescent life’s accomplishment.

This would be the place for those involved in my artistic vision to post whatever thoughts they may have about the movie and etc.

[[Until I know I'm not going to be made to look like an ass about this, let's set a few rules of decorum:]]
1. You do not talk about the Mindcrime movie.
2. You do not talk about the Mindcrime movie.
3. Any and all questions you may have can be discussed through my email. [which I have posted in one of my entries]
... yeah, I'm ridiculous, but this may prove to be more effective.

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I could make all the wrong seem right

Riiiiing… Riiing…