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Abigail Williams

I just need to know who is ::fairly certain:: that they want to be in on this. I need to get started on re-writting the "screenplay" and "stage directions". This itself is probably going to take a couple [cough ::many::] months, so don't freak on me and say that I'm getting started too soon. [[I'm quite fastidious when I write]]

Finalizing cast and crew:

Nikki - - - TBA
Mary - - - [taken]
Dr. X - - - [taken]
Nurse Debbie - - - [taken(?)]
Father William - - - TBA
Policemen (2) - - - TBA

(... and extras...)

Camera crew/audio: I only have one so far. Possibly two. I need more!
[also, someone who is decent with computers//editing]

[Good lord, I have a lot of work to do.]

So this is all I have at the moment. Pretty pitiful. If you need to talk to me more about something, or if you're completely serious about being "cast" as one of the parts, email me at:
and we'll figure this out.

Remember, this is just for a rough outline of what [and who] I have to work with. Actual production won't start rolling for months. Maybe a year. But I need to know who's just as into this idea as I am.

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