sea.candies.troy (start_a_riot_) wrote in anarchy_x,

So, how's this for a wonderful coincidence?

I'm cleaning out my closet, and I find my binder with all of the Mindcrime notes I took [was it last year?] I'm so glad I never threw that out.

- - - - -
First order on business:

We need to re-establish cast and crew.


- - - - -

I know that me resurrecting this vision is sort of abrupt and everything, so I also know that the prospect of filming won't start for a while. If you are really busy with school/work then don't attempt to make a commitment. It just won't work.

For a timeline, I want to take the upcoming month or so to scope out places to film, and that includes talking to the rightful authorities, so we don't get freakin' arrested. Hah. When that's all taken care of, I just want to spend the winter shooting the small[er] scenes... Then take the spring and summer to complete it. I'm thinking taking it on the road. I mean, a shitload of us are planning a road-trip anyways, why not do something artistic and [hopefully] productive along the way? I want to get some scenes with D.C in the film...

I have so many ideas its not even funny.

Start posting, motherfuckers! Let me know I'm not alone in this!
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